What Are Kableflags?

Kableflags cable labels come in a variety of colorsKableflags are an ingenious device created to make life that little bit easier and were inspired by a real life incident where a fax machine was unknowingly unplugged causing a major property settlement to be jeopardized.

In today’s high-tech world our home and work environments are plagued by messy plugs and cables. Finding a spare slot for your cell phone can be time-consuming .Phone Chargers, Laptops, iPods, Games Consoles, IT equipment and more all need to have a home for their plugs and adapters. Plugging and unplugging the correct item can be a real frustration causing great inconvenience when a mistake is made.

Kableflags are made from a soft flexible plastic and designed as a one size fits all solution for identifying all of your plugs and cables. Kableflags are simple to attach by wrapping the flag end around the cord of your appliance or equipment and looping through its keyhole to lock securely in place.

Available in DIY (Do it Yourself) write on blanks or in pre labelled sets for cable intensive environments, Kableflags are a no mess no fuss alternative to sticky labels and are a great way to organise your plug strips behind entertainment units, computer desks , work stations, tool sheds and much more. Once you organize your life with Kableflags you will never look back.



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