Organizing Products

Kableflags was developed to eliminate the frustrating problem of pulling out the wrong plug however its application is appropriate to almost any cable that needs to be identified.

  • Kableflags allow effective cable management and cord management through easy identification of all cables, leads, cords and plugs around the work environment.
  • Help troubleshoot networks and computers and improve help desk queries by resolving issues quicker and easier.
  • Enhance and Improve Occupational Health and Safety requirements by removing the hazards of unorganized cables.
  • Reduce the risk of accidental loss of data and damage to sensitive equipment.
  • Kableflags are a plastic tie for cables made from a flexible, durable material that will fit almost any size cord or cable.
  • Using this product is easy and does not require any special expertise or apparatus.
  • Eliminate the need for sticky unsightly labels, complex marking systems, and expensive labeling equipment.
  • Kableflags Cable Labels are the ideal cable solution for those intensive cord environments.

Kableflags are popular with customers who like a neat and tidy environment and are perfect for organizing products and devices.

Kableflags the Organizing Products can also be used for:

  • Freezer Bag Identification
  • Key Chain Identification
  • Luggage Identification
  • Inventory Identification and Marking

Plastic Tie for Cables