Computer Crash: DIY Cable Flags Help Avoid Costly Mistakes

Kableflags DIY Cable Flags for Home OfficeDIY Cable Flags for Home Office from Kableflags will help you avoid Matthews costly mistake. Matthew recalls a very late night in the office preparing documents for an important meeting…the only problem was that he had to do much of the work twice.

With the Company boss flying into town from London for an annual conference Matthew spent an entire weekend putting together the presentation of his life. He was a numbers man and was working hard on a detailed financial report which would be an integral part of the meeting ahead.

Late on a Sunday evening Matthew was sitting at his old and tried computer anxious to finish his work so he could go home and rest when he noticed that his printer had jammed. He tried to fix the problem, however, an error message appeared on the machine so Matthew decided to pull the plug on the printer hoping to reset the unit… but nothing happened. Within a few seconds, his worst nightmare had been realized as he had pulled the plug on the computer by mistake and lost a critical part of his work.

Understandably Matthew was very angry and frustrated at what had happened but he could do nothing other than recompile his lost work taking him and his already fatigued mind into the early hours of the morning. Not the best preparation for an important meeting and with an organizing product like Kableflags could have been avoided.

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