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Kableflags are the original cable label solution designed to easily identify your electrical cords and appliances. Properly marked, cable labels can be invaluable around the home and work environment

Our unique and easy to write on cord labels are simple to use and work just like a cable tie. The cable tie-like design enables you to name and mark your equipment effectively and in several eye-catching colours for added safety.

Kableflags Cable Labels Can Help:

  • Prevent Accidental Power Disruptions to Critical And Sensitive Equipment
  • Prevent The Loss Of Valuable Data That May Have Taken Hours To Prepare And Be Crucial To Your Business
  • Prevent The Frustration Of Having To Restore Clocks & Settings
  • Assist in Trouble Shooting When The Need Arises In Areas Where Powerstrips Are Packed With Plugs And Cables
  • Assist to Switch Off Appliances That Remain In Standby Mode Thus Saving On Your Power Bills
  • Plug And Unplug Appliances, Adaptors And Charges With Ease

A SIMPLE MISTAKE CAN COST YOU TIME & MONEY and our simple Cable Tags are a great first tier cord management solution.

Kableflags are simple cable labels that will help you avoid circumstances such as:

  • The awful mess and horrible smell of spoiled food and thawed meats caused by accidentally unplugging a freezer.
  • That feeling of hopelessness when you accidentally unplug and crash your computer in the middle of a critical document that you were working on for hours.
  • Unexpected scare or injury when someone plugs in the wrong power tool by mistake at the worst possible time.

It is worth getting organised with Kableflags cable tags and make life a little easier and safer.

Kableflags are Cord Labels that easily let you know which plug and cord belongs to which appliance.
Kableflags are just like a cable tie but with a place to write a name.
Kableflags are Award Winning cable labels that are simple to use and effective in doing their job.

Never pull out the wrong plug again with Kableflags cable labels.

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