Power Tool Safety: Kableflags DIY Cable Flags to ID Tools

Cable identification flags–Power Tools, KableflagsTool Safety Tip #1: Kableflags DIY Cable Flags to ID Power Tools. David’s intention of building a pergola almost cost him a finger.

A long weekend was David’s opportunity to build the pergola he had been planning for years. After buying all the materials he finally started the project with the help of his next door neighbor Jim.

All was going well with rapid progress being made and it was time for a quick bbq lunch. They planned to finish the project in two days and both worked into the early evening. Misfortune would strike when Jim needed to plug in a power tool into an already crowded power board and he would hear David’s shout. Jim had accidentally plugged in a saw that David was carrying almost causing him to jump and injure himself. He and Jim had both worked very hard that day and a simple mistake under fatigue was all it took to make a mistake. Kableflags cable labels are an ideal cord management system for your home and workplace.

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