Avoid Cable Confusion: Unplugged the Freezer Oops!

Cable identification flags Kitchen, KableflagsMichael and Sarah tell of how their family holiday was spoiled on their return home by a simple mistake – avoid cable confusion nightmares with Kableflags.

“We wanted to miss the Xmas traffic so we planned to leave very early in the morning for a week on the seaside. My husband Michael was busy loading up the station wagon with our luggage and my two kids Jess and Emily were running around the house excited about going on 2 weeks holiday. I was going through our checklist to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything and before too long we were ready to go. As we were reversing out of the driveway Michael remembered that he had some equipment charging in the laundry and he got out of the car to switch off and organize.

Soon we were on the road and we would enjoy a most memorable holiday with the children. We returned home on a late night all tired and exhausted from a hot summers day on the road and were all looking forward to a good nights sleep.

We entered the house through the laundry door and were almost knocked over by a horrible smell. The odor nearly made me sick and we soon realized that the stink came from the freezer in the laundry where Michael had accidentally pulled out the wrong plug on our departure.

The rotten mess and odor of spoiled food, thawed meats and fish was an awful sight to return too after such a great time away and we spent days trying to get the stench out of the freezer with no result. It cost us hundreds of dollars of food wasted and a new freezer. That smell still haunts me today and I am glad for the cable solution I have found with Kableflags.

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