Power Tool Safety: Kableflags DIY Cable Flags to ID Tools

Tool Safety Tip #1: Kableflags DIY Cable Flags to ID Power Tools. David’s intention of building a pergola almost cost him a finger. A long weekend was David’s opportunity to build the pergola he had been planning for years. After buying all the materials he finally started the project with the help of his next […]

Computer Crash: DIY Cable Flags Help Avoid Costly Mistakes

DIY Cable Flags for Home Office from Kableflags will help you avoid Matthews costly mistake. Matthew recalls a very late night in the office preparing documents for an important meeting…the only problem was that he had to do much of the work twice. With the Company boss flying into town from London for an annual […]

Avoid Cable Confusion: Unplugged the Freezer Oops!

Michael and Sarah tell of how their family holiday was spoiled on their return home by a simple mistake – avoid cable confusion nightmares with Kableflags. “We wanted to miss the Xmas traffic so we planned to leave very early in the morning for a week on the seaside. My husband Michael was busy loading […]

What Are Kableflags?

Kableflags are an ingenious device created to make life that little bit easier and were inspired by a real life incident where a fax machine was unknowingly unplugged causing a major property settlement to be jeopardized. In today’s high-tech world our home and work environments are plagued by messy plugs and cables. Finding a spare […]