Kableflags.com simple plastic tie wraps are electric cord organizers and cable managers. They’re simply the best way to label cables so that you can quickly identify all of your appliances and gadgets. Learn how to label network cables the easy way. Our cable identifiers and cord organizers help you avoid costly mistakes, protect expensive equipment. With plastic tie wraps from Kableflags.com, you always find the right plug.

It was a costly mistake that led to this simple reusable tie. Kableflags was established in 2003 in after its Australian founders discovered a niche in the cable identification market through an unfortunate experience with unplugging the wrong plug.

An important fax on a Friday afternoon in a busy real estate office was never received as the office staff had accidentally disconnected the fax machine while doing some paper shredding. This event led to a heightened awareness of cable confusion in the home and work environment.

With only sticky makeshift solutions available for labeling plugs and cables, the founders worked around the clock to create the perfect cable identifier. The product had to be easy to use, easy to write on and look good on a power strip.

Kableflags were released in 2003 and the product was an instant hit with consumers looking for a simple way to organize their cord and electric cable mess. In 2005, Kableflags were even awarded aGold Medal at the world famous Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva Switzerland. Kableflags are sold all over the world including North AmericaAustralia, Asia and Europe and we are always looking to improve our range and reach. Whether for business or personal purpose we invite you to try our products and welcome your inquiries and feedback